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"Discover The Surprising Truths About Love That Will Save Your Relationship"

"Proven ground-breaking methods to beat the most difficult relationship problems - and build the joyous and deeply satisfying relationship you've always dreamed of."

Couples Self Help Program

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For People Seeking Low-Cost Yet High Quality Self Help Relationship Counseling From A State Licensed Psychologist and Psychoanalyst.

For Couples Who Are Seeking To Save Their Marriages.

For Couples Who Can't Stop Fighting.

For Singles Who Repeatedly Find Themselves In Hurtful Relationships.

For Singles Who Can't Find a Meaningful Relationship.

For Couples Who Are Happy, However, Are Still Seeking New Ways To Further Improve Their Relationships.

Professional Review

"Dr. Deepak Chopra once told me that he thought the single most common and direct cause of illness was anger. If this is true, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has got to be one of the great world class healers of all time. . ."

-R. Winn Henderson, M.D

"A New Look At How Professional Relationship 
Advice And Guidance Can Change Your Life"


Psychologist & Author Dr. Shoshanna's expertise is sought out by the worlds leading broadcast entities such Geraldo Rivera, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and many more. . .press play to watch.

save marriage

divorce help

save marriage

divorce help

Save Marriage

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Free Ebooks

Marital Problems

Professional Review

"Save Your Relationship is a powerful, potentially life-changing work."

-- 2005, Review, Body and Soul Magazine


Dear Friend,

   If you give me 5 minutes and set everything else aside right now, I promise you that life changing and free relationship advice and guidance awaits you here today. 

Of course you want to experience a wonderful, loving relationships where you can share your life with someone meaningful to you. Of course you want to be understood and valued, to feel there's someone there for you. 

These wishes are normal. Beyond that, they are healthy. So, why is it that so many people these days have become discouraged, feeling that their love lives, marriages, and relationships just cannot work out? Why is loneliness one of the biggest problems in our country - even when people are still together?

Most importantly, even though there's so much relationship self help material available, "self proclaimed" experts, why has it been so hard finding guidance that really makes a difference in your life? 


"I just wanted to tell you Thank You! I find that having your book as my new companion has been my savior. I am beginning to finally understand what a true, meaningful relationship is all about."

- Gerald Chauncey,
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"The Proven Practices Of Successful Relationships"

Based upon 30 years of providing therapy, couples counseling, and relationship guidance as a psychologist, I've realized how much hurt and disappointment comes from unfulfilled hopes, misunderstandings and lack of real communication. 

I've also realized that all of these problems can be effectively overcome. What is first needed is to understand and apply the basic (though often hidden) laws of successful relationships. 

These laws and guidelines, taught to you with user friendly, step-by-step methods, have proven to be profoundly successful for those who have followed my self help program.

Save Your Relationship is designed to help a myriad of relationship difficulties. For those who feel as though their relationships repeatedly fail, to singles seeking to find the perfect partner, to married couples seeking to save their relationships - this program is the key to unlocking the power within us all to creating and having the extraordinary relationships you always dreamed of.

This is How I can help you. . .

From A Best Selling International Author & Renown Psychologist

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna Ph.D. is a state licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Award Winning, Best Selling Author.

She has dedicated her life to providing therapy, relationship counseling, and to helping others how to heal a troubled relationship.

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has written both critically acclaimed and top selling books for major publishing houses.  

Marriage Counseling
Simon & Schuster
Why Men leave 
Dr. Shoshanna

Marriage Help
Simon & Schuster
Zen And The Art Of Falling In Love 
Dr. Shoshanna

Stop Divorce
  Andrews McMeel
The Anger Diet
Dr. Shoshanna

Divorce Help
Perigee Books 
What He Can't Tell You
Dr. Shoshanna

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"Relationship Advice Sought Out By 
Leading Magazines & Newspapers"

As a columnist, Dr. Shoshanna has provided relationship advice  to leading magazine publications including: 

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Book Author

TV guest

tv guest

"See if Kara's case study 
sounds familiar to you"

A woman named Kara entered into a relationship which started out wonderfully. At first she felt she'd had found the man she had been waiting for - and that this may be the man she could marry. 

After awhile, however, she began finding fault with her partner, and, he began withdrawing from her. Kara came for counseling to me feeling as though her this relationship would never work out -and losing hopes that such a relationship would never manifest in her life.  She thought that something must be wrong with her, that perhaps she just wasn't loveable enough. . .However, after working with the principles in Dr. Shoshanna's unique self help program, this is what Kara said:

"I am so grateful I embarked on your program. It is a great journey with amazing advice, guidance and new lessons to learn. You bring light to people and give hope for a new life." 

- Kara, Los Angeles
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"In Partnership With Leading 
Online Entities"

On The Internet,  Dr. Shoshanna is a resident relationship advice expert on, and a professor at Barnes & Noble University Online


Dr. Shoshannas is the Resident Relationship expert on


"Dr. Shoshanna's words are wonderful." 
- Marianne Williamson
 #1 Best Selling Author of 
"A Return to Love"


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"...readers searching for broader meaning will revel in her ability to weave together the basic tenets of relationship psychology with the self-realization techniques of Zen practice.."

-- Publisher's Weekly's Review about Zen And The Art Of Falling In Love


Just Like Kara, Hundreds of Case Studies 
Have Proven Successful

This Program Can Work For You Too. Based on tremendous demand and need, Dr. Shoshanna has finally compiled her years of working as a therapist, couples counselor, author, speaker, relationship advice expert and workshop leader into a unique program.

This guide is much more than only an ebook. This is Dr. Shoshanna's ultimate relationship self help workbook. In it, you will learn how to overcome both the most common, and difficult, relationship problems. There are step-by-step, and user-friendly instructions, methods and exercises for you to begin immediately following. The profound effects of these techniques will become immediately apparent in your life, and have you on the way to creating the relationship you've always dreamed of.

This simple, direct and effective program has worked for hundreds: It can work for you too. Don't just take my word for it - check out these real-life responses:


"I was truly enlightened as I read Dr. Shoshanna's new book. You discover answers that you have buried away. Your new understanding allows you to beautifully apply this knowledge in your life. Thank you."
- Dr. Winn Henderson, MD

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"I knew I needed professional help, but I couldn't afford to spend a great deal. After a great deal of searching, I finally found both what really worked, and what was affordable." 

- Aron Luke, New York, NY


"Your work on love has literally changed my life. My marriage was falling apart, and I couldn't find good marriage help, until I found you. Thank you." 

- Elizabeth, NJ
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"Your work has helped me move beyond a broken heart. I was experiencing some very difficult relationship problems. I never thought I'd feel this way again. Bless you."

- Keith T., MA
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"You Have The Power To Create
Healthy Relationships"

Whatever problems you are grappling with,
I promise your situation is not hopeless.

There's a reason why problems keep repeating. It's not because you're not good enough or loveable. It's because you do not understand the basic laws of love that build a solid foundation in relationships and keep your relationship going strong. 

For example, so many people tell me, "I've been betrayed by love. I'm having terrible relationship problems." Things didn't work out as they were hoping and naturally they felt they'd been betrayed. And they were. . .But they weren't betrayed by their partners, but by the lies they'd believed about love. 

Most of us keep fighting the same relationship battles, having things work out the same, old way. It's not because we don't know better. It's because we believe lies about love. These lies trip us up and ruin our relationships. We live our love lives on automatic. 

Right now is your opportunity to stop and wake up.

Save Your Relationship is filled with so many powerful methods, techniques and authoritative information.  It has worked for hundreds of people already. 

I am so confident in this program quality, that if you do not see immediate and profound changes in your relationships right away, please request your entitled 100%, no hassle, no questions, money back refund. 

And you still get to keep the course.

"Rarely do eloquent prose, gems of quotes, simple wisdom and practical exercises come in one book. Dr Shoshanna's book offers all these and more. This is a book you will refer to for years to come."

- Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D., author of Healing Together,
Healing the Addictive Mind, and The Art of Trust
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"Here Are Some More Topics
We Will Explore" 

  • The 10 Exercises Which Will Heal Even The Most Difficult Marital Problems.

  • How to support your own well-being, while also supporting your partner's - Steps To Renewing Your Love For Your Partner, And Yourself

  • The Hidden Skills To Recognizing And Stopping Destructive Patterns, And How To lower the risk of regressing back into those same Painful Cycles.
  • How To Reject Rejection.

  • The Difference Between Real and Counterfeit Love.

  • Where The Love & Happiness In Your Relationship Is Hiding, And How To Discover It - Step by Step Methods To Build and preserve connection, love, and mutual admiration.

  • How to communicate and manage differences more effectively - The Key To Getting Your Partner To Talk - And How To Communicate Back.

  • The Secret To Clearing Up Misunderstandings.

  • How To Break A Destructive Addiction To Fighting - Techniques To Engaging In Constructive, Rather Than Destructive, Fighting.

  • The Critical Differences Between How Men and Women Express Love.

  • The Hidden Messages of Non-Verbal Communication, and Why You Need To Know Them.


"We needed marriage help! Only once before in my life have I ever cried when I finished a book. Your book has touched my soul and changed my life (and my husbands too!)."

- Alexis, NJ
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The Cost Of Mental and Emotional Health
Has Skyrocketed

As a psychologist with a private practice in NYC, I currently charge and average of $150 per 60 minute session. If you wish to schedule a therapy session which we can conduct in person, by phone, or by video-chat, please contact me at (212) 288-0028 or email me at:

If you wish to request my counseling by private email communication, I currently charge $25.00 per exchange (1 response equals 1 full communication exchange). Please contact me for further information about this service. 

My development of this course is my undertaking to create a low-cost, though equally effective means of helping people in need to obtain the professional guidance and support, which otherwise can be cost prohibitive.

Can You Really Afford To Be Without This? 

You may be thinking, will it work for me? Will it really help? Of course it will. It's worked for hundreds of others. Why not you? Say you don't buy the book and just go on as you've been going? Then what? Same old, same old. 

"So, What Does This Unique Program Sell For?"

Let's do a quick comparison -

The cost of mental and emotional health is expensive.

  • What is the cost of going to a professional therapists?

  • What is the cost of seminars, and buying relationship tapes?

  • What is the cost of buying more and more books that are likely to simply sit on your bookshelves gathering dust?

  •  Who is the cost to your life of days spent feeling upset, or alone?

Save Your Relationship Price: 
Only $29.00!

$29.95 #1 top selling ebook free

"STEPPINGSTONES TO LOVE is beautiful guide for everyday, practical steps for finding and keeping a wonderful relationship!"

Reader: John Dillon, PA

cover_steppingstones.jpg (43634 bytes)


by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

This wonderful workbook includes "The Simple Laws of Love" and How To Practice Them Daily In Your Relationships. 

Dr. Shoshanna has given hundreds of relationship seminars to hospitals, corporations, and universities based upon this book, valued at $29.99. 

If you invest in Save Your Relationship today, you will receive a second, top-selling self help relationship workbook by Dr. Shoshanna entitled Steppingstones To Love valued at $29.99 -- absolutely free.  

You keep this book, even if you receive your entitled, no strings attached 100% money back refund.

Price: $29.95

Your Investment Is 
Completely Risk Free

You Try Everything At My Risk 

No Matter What, You Keep Both Programs Free





Simple & Immediate Refunds


Live Support 

"Understanding The Sky Rocketing Expenses Of High Quality Mental And Emotional Health Care, This Program Has Evolved From My Personal Wishes To Provide Effective Relationship Help and Guidance At An Affordable Price." --- Dr. Brenda Shoshanna


Together Save Your Relationship and your free bonus ebook Steppingstones To Love are already worth more than ten times (10x) your investment at least.

  • You may be thinking, will it work for me? 

  • Will it really help? 

  • Can this program help you discover the surprising truths about how to build a healthy relationship that 
    will make the difference in your life? 

  • Will it give you the power to make you relationship right? 

  • Will it address you particular problems and situation?

It has proven again and again to help hundreds of other people overcome their most difficult relationship problems, and manifest the happiness in their relationships they have long desired for - no matter what variety of relationship problems they were facing.

Taking the same actions in your life does guarantee you something for certain-- the same results. You must take new actions, if you wish to achieve new results.

In other words, I am personally guaranteeing that you've never had anything like this program, and if you aren't fully satisfied after downloading and using the program, I will cheerfully and promptly refund your money. 

"I have to say that your book has changed my life. Itís absolutely amazing. Save Your Relationship is opening the doors I never knew were available to open. Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart."
- Trina, CA, Average User Rating:

Save Your Relationship is available to you as a downloadable manual (or ebook) which is directly accessible from the Internet - and you can download right now.

Because I have no inventory or fulfillment costs - and do not need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone - I am able to pass along significant cost savings to you.

Downloading Save Your Relationship is a simple process. I'm personally no techno whiz, and have assured that the process is seamless and very user friendly.

The download and ebook works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.

Okay, So Let's Begin.

Here's how you can start to Save Your Relationship right now, in the next 10 minutes. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you can download immediately (along with your bonus relationship course Steppingstones To Love) and begin working with my methods right away.

self help

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Every great life journey starts with the first step.

Once you undertake this program, you are not alone. I am here to help you.  You may contact me at any time for further information at:

Not Satisfied?
click here for an immediate refund
Phone: 212-288-0028

If you want even more personal help I'm available for counseling, therapy and consulting. Call me at (212) 288-0028 for further information.

Warmest Regards,
Brenda Shoshanna

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

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